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Ilan Pop Art 


Mixed Media Sculpture with Neon Lighting


For centuries, the lighthouse has told sailors when they’re getting close to home. But a lighthouse can only show us the way home: it has nothing new to tell those of us leaving the land, heading out into a sea, and trusting the water below us. Instead, we rely on buoys to tell us where the edges of safety are, and which direction we should travel in. We travel alongside them on seas with questionable floors, placed there by those who’ve been on this channel before us, who’ve experienced the danger that we don’t have to. They guide us out to the open sea, where they disappear because the floor is dangerously deep, or towards land, where the ground can support us. In either event, there’s only so far, they can guide us before we must trust ourselves, that we’ve learned through our time among the buoys how to get it right.

Red, Right, Returning📍

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