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Ilan Pop Art


Original Mixed Media Sculpture /Table with Neon Lighting


Strip away the matching handlebar and seat, and the brand name, and the bell, which draws our eyes in the store. Highlight the parts of the bicycle that do the work: the wheels that move us, the pedals that connect us to the ground closer to the cities that we live in because we can feel the air across our faces and hear the voices in our neighborhoods as we leave the places we’ve been and go towards the places we will have been. From Los Angeles to Lagos, from Malmo to Mumbai, the vast gulfs of language, religion, culture, and wealth, people are connected by the very things that are deeper than those. The promise of a bicycle is that a person can move, on her own volition; though the streets might be narrow, or crowded or treacherous, that it’s within each of our own power to propel ourselves.

Propel Ourselves

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