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Ilan Pop Art


Original Mixed Media Sculpture with Neon Lighting


Think back and smell the 1960s:

smell sunflowers and denim, revolutions around the world powered by love. The Americans and Russians were launching themselves into space, and on earth young people were defining themselves with music that demanded whole-body movement and art that used their own bodies as their canvas. A generation of young people was making more love than they could hold on to, was ready to be free, was tired of conflict, and was ready to spread peace. Jazzed and trucking’ for gas, their scooters got them through town and burgeoning suburbs to the places they could be together. This generation saw that they could change the world instead of being changed by it. If they hung tight with one another they could all contribute what they had: from the cool heads and real gone cats to the squares and Melvin’s, they were all greater together than apart.

Peace Vespa

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