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Ilan Pop Art 


Mixed Media Sculpture with Neon Lighting


If people don’t have power, they’ll play music. Electricity can charge a song, but it doesn’t create the song—only a musician can do that. The song comes from somewhere deep inside, is fueled by a community, a town, sunshine, a group of friends, and a story about who we are and who we can be at our best. As fire can burn wildly without a match, so too can music play without a plug. The record spins here not because a current is ordering it, but because a person on the other end wants to hear the song and is able to turn the gear himself. In this older, slower style, playing the song becomes no different from playing the song. The listener becomes the one who makes the music happen, the musician. The original analog music player, which we can take anywhere, share with anyone, and if we look closely at the grooves, we can see the music is there, pressed directly into the record. An aural experience becomes a physical one so that we can watch the music without needing the singer in front of us. 🎶🎶

Music Box

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