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Ilan Pop Art 


Mixed Media Sculpture with Neon Lighting


Lobsters don’t age. The older they get, the younger they get. At 50 years old, a lobster can still run as fast as the quickest footballers to get away from trouble. Their six legs could help with their speed, but when they run, they run with their abdomens. When they grow, they grow strong: new muscles form in their exposed bodies. The lobster often tries to hide inside a burrow as it moults, filling with water and swelling, changing color, and growing back appendages lost in fights. Because of its speed and the hard shell it presents to the world, this is the only time the lobster is vulnerable, and so it retreats. But because of those several hours, it takes to itself, the lobster grows stronger, bigger, and prepared to take on what would have intimidated it before.

Lobster Season 🦞🦞

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