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Ilan Pop Art 


Mixed Media Sculpture with Neon Lighting


Live Slow. Drink a Mai Tai under the palm trees, barefoot in green grass, counting the clouds until the moon comes by. Paddle fast. When the blue ocean waves crest, and it’s your time to fly across the ocean, looking down at all the people on the beach and the world beyond, you’re one with the current itself.

Live slow. Because a mojito pairs with the sand beneath your toes like red wine and steak. Because there are roses you haven’t stopped to smell yet. Because life is long if we live it slow enough. Paddle fast. Don’t be afraid of falling in, because the ocean was made to be fallen into. Knees are supposed to be scraped and hearts are built to be broken. Live and love like it’s the only way to heal.

Live slow, because you’re already where you need to be. Paddle fast, and you’ll know that it’s true.

Live Slow, Paddle Fast

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