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The process of creating a cyborg involves transferring the consciousness of a deceased person into the robot's artificial brain. This is done by scanning the person's brain and creating a digital copy of their mind, which is then uploaded into the cyborg's brain. The cyborg is then programmed with the person's memories, personality, and mannerisms, making it virtually identical to the original person.

This technology has caused a lot of ethical debates, some people argue that bringing back the dead is unnatural and goes against the natural order of life and death. Others argue that it gives people a second chance at life, and a way to be reunited with loved ones who have passed away.

The cyborgs are not perfect, they have limitations, some of them might suffer from glitches and malfunctions, but they are considered as a new form of life. They are also subject to discrimination and mistreatment from the society that doesn't fully understand or accept them.

It is a new era, the era of cyborgs, an era where death is no longer the end, it is just the beginning of a new form of existence. A future where humans and cyborgs coexist, where death is no longer the final chapter, but only a new beginning.

Cyber Ghandi

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