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In a future world ravaged by war and catastrophe, a young girl named AV3445 wandered the ruins of a once-great city. She was just a child, but she had already seen more than her fair share of horror. She had been orphaned at a young age, her parents killed in the initial bombing that had devastated the city. But Ava was a survivor, and she had learned to fend for herself in the harsh, unforgiving landscape.

One day, while scavenging for food and supplies, AV3445 came across a strange object. It was a cyberkinetic 3449000. To her it was a doll, but unlike any she had ever seen before. It was made of shimmering metal and had glowing, cybernetic eyes. It was a cyber-alien doll, unlike anything AV3445 had ever seen before.

Intrigued, AV3445 picked up the doll and examined it closely. As she touched it, the doll came to life, its eyes glowing brighter. It spoke to her, in a language she couldn't understand, but it seemed to be trying to communicate something important.

AV3445 couldn't understand what the doll was saying, but she felt a strong connection to it. She decided to take it with her, and from that day on, the cyber-alien doll became her companion and her protector.

Years passed, and AV3445 grew into a strong and capable young woman. She had adapted to the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world, and she had become a skilled and feared warrior. But she never forgot the cyber-alien doll that had been her companion and protector for so many years.

Even as she battled her enemies and struggled to survive, AV3445 always knew that the cyber-alien doll was with her, watching over her and guiding her on her journey. And she knew that, as long as she had the cyber-alien doll by her side, she would never be alone in the post-apocalyptic world.

Young Child Cyborg