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Make your First $1000 Selling Your Art

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Making a living as an artist can be a challenging task, but with persistence and hard work, it's certainly possible to make a decent income from your art. Since our minds work better with setting a goal, accomplishing it, and rewarding ourselves, it is a good idea to begin your journey with a short-term milestone. At the beginning of your career, an example that artists can set as their first milestone is to earn the first $1000 from their art. We will discuss some strategies for getting your first clients with your art and not giving up on your dreams of making a living as an artist.

The first step in making a living from your art is to create a small batch of high-quality work that is reflective of your unique style and vision. We say small because in the beginning of your search , it's not necessary to include every single artistic project you've done in your portfolio. Include your absolute best work available as well as any other commission work you've done in the past. Quality is important over the quantity of what you have accomplished. Your potential customers want to see that you've accomplished professional-level and quality work, whether it was for a client or not. To achieve high-level results, it is essential to set aside regular time to work on your art and to constantly strive to improve your skills and techniques. This may involve taking classes, workshops, or online courses, as well as experimenting with different mediums and styles. Additionally, it is important to stay current with the latest trends and techniques in the business of art, in order to understand the market tools and maximize your outreach.

Once you have at least a small portfolio of quality art, the next step is to get your work in front of as many potential clients to begin setting up commissioned work. This may involve submitting your work in local galleries or art events, submitting your work to art competitions or grants available (such as on, or even setting up your own online store, which with the drag-and-drop website builders available, is easier than it ever was. You can also look online at different platforms where artists can find commissions such as on the Thumbtack platform. Additionally, it is vital to begin building an online presence, through social media and your own website, in order to reach a wider audience. Here you can post a variety of videos related to your art or showing the process of your art. It's best to get multiple social media posts from each piece if possible. You can also reach out to potential clients directly, through email or by messaging on social media, to let them know about your work and to offer your services. People will buy art for many reasons, so be aware of where your art fits and what market you should be focusing on. At this stage, you should be reaching out as much as possible and also be aiming to keep updating your portfolio with professional-level work as often as you can.

If your transaction is digital, setting up online payments for artists can be a simple process, but it does require some steps to be taken. Today, there are many options for payment processing. Some include PayPal, Cashapp, venmo, square or zelle. There are other different platforms to accept payments and take the time to see what works best for you.

Making a living as an artist is a complex journey so get inspired, stay motivated, and don't give up on your dreams. This can be challenging, especially when faced with rejection or a lack of interest in your work. However, it is important to remember that success in the art world is not always immediate and that it takes time and effort to build a reputation and establish a client base. Additionally, it is important to remember that rejection is a normal part of the creative process and that it is not a reflection of your abilities as an artist.

Making a living as an artist is a challenging task, but it is certainly possible to earn your first $1000 from your art. The key is to create high-quality work that is reflective of your unique style and vision, to get your work in front of potential clients, and not give up on your dreams. With persistence, hard work, and luck, you can turn your passion for art into a successful career.

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