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Tye Dye Classes!


In this class, we will be guiding you through the process of creating a one-of-a-kind, colorful T-shirt that you can take home and wear with pride. The class is open to children and adults of all ages and no prior experience is necessary. We provide all the supplies you will need to complete your project.

Here are the simple steps you will be following in class:

  1. First, you will choose your T-shirt from our selection of high-quality, 100% cotton shirts.

  2. You will be soaking the t shirt and then wringing it completely

  3. Before the dyeing process can begin, the T-shirts need to be properly folded to ensure that the dye is applied evenly and the finished product is visually appealing. The way in which the T-shirt is folded can greatly affect the final outcome of the design. In this essay, we will discuss the different methods of folding T-shirts before tie-dyeing and the effect each method has on the final design.The first method of folding T-shirts before tie-dyeing is the spiral fold. To create this design, the T-shirt is laid flat on a surface and then folded in a spiral shape, with the center of the spiral being the location where the most intense color will be applied. This method creates a spiral pattern on the T-shirt, with the center of the spiral being the darkest and the outer edges being the lightest. This method is great for creating a bold and striking design that is sure to stand out.

  4. Next, you will select the colors you want to use for your design. We have a wide variety of vibrant dyes to choose from.

  5. Once you have chosen your colors, you will begin to apply the dye to your shirt using the techniques that we will teach you in class. These techniques include spiral, bull's eye, and ombré patterns.

  6. After you have applied the dye to your shirt, you will need to wrap it in plastic wrap to set the dye.

  7. Once the dye has set, you will rinse out the excess dye and then wash your shirt in cold water to remove any remaining dye.

  8. Finally, you will take your newly created tie-dye T-shirt home to show off to your friends and family!

Our class is designed to be fun and easy to follow, so you can focus on creating a beautiful, unique T-shirt. We provide all the supplies you will need, so all you need to bring is yourself and your creativity!

Sign up today and discover the fun of tie-dye!


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