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Mural Art Workshop by Marcos Conde & Ilan Pop Art Gallery

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Join Us in May at Ilan Pop Art Gallery for a Art Mural workshop!  Come Learn techniques of realism with spray paint and acrylics and the process of creating public artwork on the outdoor wall of an art gallery in Fort Lauderdale.  The Mural is Sponsored by Broward County & is Free to Participate. We will have a special unveiling reception of the mural on May 27th.

The Address is 2000 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

We will be out here daily the week from May 21st -  22nd  /  May 24th-25th -    3:00 -  6:00 PM


Marcos Conde, a visual artist who is an advocate for community engagement, has announced the creation of a new art workshop in Fort Lauderdale that promises to be a true celebration of art 

The workshop, which will be free for the general public to participate in, will focus on the creation of a nature-inspired public art mural that will be displayed here in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

The Mural Workshop will consist of using spray paint & acylics to create a realistic hand in black & white on the wall of the gallery in an outdoor setting

Marcos will show you the techniques using different materials to create realism and then we will have canvas for people to practice what they learned . 


For the participants -  will go over different tools & materials that are used to create paintings in public outdoor areas. Marcos will answer all questions regarding the techniques or the process of creating mural art.  

Sponsored by Broward County Cultural Division, this project aims to promote public art and bring people together in a fun and creative way. With Marcos at the helm, participants can expect to be inspired, challenged, and supported throughout the creative process, as they work together to bring this bold and exciting vision to life.


You will have the ability to participate and help create this public art mural with the guidance of artists

& is totally FREE to participate

Schedule is Saturday May 21th & 22nd as well as May 25th - 26th  -   3:00 -  6:00 PM

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Marcos Conde at (954) 548-7485  -

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